depopharma in Dermatology


Topical gel for the relief of itching and burning localized in the ano-genital area, even in the presence of condylomas.

Thanks to the “film-forming” skin-reconditioning and moisturizing properties of its components, Immunoderm creates a protective barrier action that supports the natural physiology of the skin. Immunoderm® can also be used in the presence of condyloma or after their removal.

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Ditrapsor® Shampoo

Shampoo indicated for scalp flaking

Helps restore the normal physiology of the scalp in the presence of flaking. It promotes the removal of skin thickening, reduces itching and excessive flaking, fights the excessive presence of bacteria and fungi which are the cause of dandruff.

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Hydrostop® spray

Sweat control deodorant

Hydrostop® Spray is sweat control deodorant

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Immuno Simplex®

Cosmetic adjuvant for the treatment of labial herpes

Protective and soothing gel, ideal for sensitive lips or prone to herpes. Immunosimplex® has an emollient and soothing formulation that, thanks to the extracts of Echinacea and Witch Hazel, helps to reduce itching, burning and irritation in delicate lips and prone to herpes. The sunscreen and Chitosan allow a film-forming and UV-protective effect.

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